McGill Drug Store

McGill Drug Store

The McGill Drug Store was an operating drug store from 1915 until 1979 when it was closed along with the town’s largest employer, Kennecott Copper. But the owner left its inventory in place, and it sat untouched until the mid-1990s. The working soda fountain was rebuilt with a unique terra-cotta tile bar after the original fountain was destroyed by fire in 1930. The McGill Drug Store is a time capsule; some of the products date as far back as the 1950s. All invoices and records of every prescription filled since 1915 have been maintained.


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  • terri
    Posted at 01:28h, 09 April Reply

    I remember the McGill Drugstore!! use to go in and buy penny candy and drive the ladies who worked there nuts trying to decide!! Also remember going in to pick up earrings and perfume.. and use to buy Straw Hat Soap … I still have a bar unopened in my dresser drawer.. I also bought my polaroid swinger camera here.. I still have that also…
    When the theatre was open across the street, some of us would go into the drug store and buy our sodas and candy because the line was to long at the theatre..

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