The Frog Pond

Located on private property just above the east side of the Black Rock Playa, the Frog Pond can most easily be accessed from Empire on a 15 miles washboard rumble on the Jungo Road.


Soldier Meadows Hot Springs

The hillsides west of Soldier Meadows Ranch rise up gently to the Applegate emigrant trail up through High Rock Canyon. Along the way there are several hot spring features.


Trego Ditch

This linear pool was dug to channel water away from the nearby railroad tracks. The ditch has created a unique wetland micro ecosystem in this otherwise parched shoulder of the Playa.


Fly Geyser

Located on a gated parcel of private property within the million-acre Black Rock Desert, Fly Geyser was created accidentally in 1964 from a geothermal test well inadequately capped.