Judy on the Playa

This is Judy Strauss (at Burning Man 2011), who loved the Black Rock Playa so much that she set up her gongs each year to provide a meditation experience for all comers.


The Serpent Mother

The Serpent Mother is a 168′ long evocation of a skeletal serpent coiled around her egg in a monstrous but maternal gesture.


Art Cars at the DMV

Before art cars are certified to roam the open Playa at night they must be inspected at the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles).


Gong Meditation

Led by Judy and accompanied by Wyatt, gong meditation is open to all each day at the "Brand Ur Ass 'n More" theme camp at Burning Man.


The Lava Beds; Elephant Head Rock

In May of 2013 we drove 2.5 hours from Reno toward the Black Rock Desert and then began a 7-mile hike up about 1,000 feet to the top of this spectacularly scenic granite plateau.


The Frog Pond

Located on private property just above the east side of the Black Rock Playa, the Frog Pond can most easily be accessed from Empire on a 15 miles washboard rumble on the Jungo Road.


Soldier Meadows Hot Springs

The hillsides west of Soldier Meadows Ranch rise up gently to the Applegate emigrant trail up through High Rock Canyon. Along the way there are several hot spring features.


Trego Ditch

This linear pool was dug to channel water away from the nearby railroad tracks. The ditch has created a unique wetland micro ecosystem in this otherwise parched shoulder of the Playa.


Black Rock Artist’s Palette

While its namesake in Death Valley National Park gets all the attention, this multicolored formation on the long road from Soldier Meadows to Hardin City is seldom visited.


Double Hot Springs

With its 312 hot springs Nevada can boast more thermal features than any other state. Many are benign oases in the desert, beckoning the traveler to enjoy a soak in splendid isolation.


Mica on the Playa

She was able to enjoy running in the vastness of Nevada's open spaces for only two years, as we moved to Reno when she was already an old lady of 16.


Indian Rock

This massive formation stands sentinel on a rise above the northeastern end of the Smoke Creek Desert.


Playa Dusk

Near the town of Gerlach the tip of the Smoke Creek Desert empties into the blue haze twilight of the Black Rock Desert playa.


Fly Geyser

Located on a gated parcel of private property within the million-acre Black Rock Desert, Fly Geyser was created accidentally in 1964 from a geothermal test well inadequately capped.


The Lounge at the End of the World

At the edge of the known world of Burning Man, before the fence that defines the Forbidden Zone of the deep Playa, the Lounge at the End of the World played music from sunrise to sunrise.