The Serpent Mother

The Serpent Mother

The Serpent Mother, a project of San Francisco’s Flaming Lotus Girls art cooperative, made her debut at Burning Man 2006. She made a return visit in 2015, when this panorama was made just as they were beginning to light her gas jets at dusk. The sculpture is a 168′ long evocation of a skeletal serpent coiled around her egg in a monstrous but maternal gesture. Propane-fueled fire runs down her spine, with 41 gas “poofers,” some controlled by visitors, erupting from the top of her vertebrae. Her hydraulically-actuated head stretches 20′ into the night sky, and her jaws open and close as she spews fire at the heavens. The egg “hatches” twice each evening (see below) to reveal a spectacular flame effect, shooting plumes of fire 50′ in the air.


Click and drag to explore the Serpent Mother.



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