Incandescent Rocks

The Incandescent Rocks Area of Critical Environmental Concern features a myriad of banded multi-colored rock formations.


La Cueva del Indio (The Indian Cave)

Reached by descending a steep and rickety wooden ladder into the opening of a coastal limestone formation, the Indian Cave is renown for its collection of well-preserved petroglyphs from the [...]


McKissick Canyon

A 3-mile hike with 2,000 feet of elevation gain, the trail up Mckissick Canyon leads to a stunning view over the Winnemucca Valley, with rock-scrambling access to the peaks of the Dogskin Range.


Where the Pavement Ends

When leapfrog development threatened a tract of private land north of Reno, environmental organizations worked to demonstrate the site's scenic value to the community.


Tugboat Beach, Curaçao

The diverse and thriving reef offers adventures for both the casual snorkeler and the scuba diver. But the main feature here is the sunken tugboat, located about 300ft from the beach.


Life by the Beach

Soon after I turned five we bought a house about a half mile from the beach. The fact that now, in my 70s, I take this experience for granted may be a confession of a lifelong hubris.


Postpile Ridge

While not as distinctly formed as Devils Postpile National Monument, this thousand-foot long ridge, located high above Storey County’s Long Valley Creek, is still an impressive sight.


The Court of Antiquity

Perhaps a few hundred years ago, or as many as 10,000, Native Americans gathered at this spot above the Truckee River to the east of the broad meadows that would become the city of Reno.


Mt. Rose Waterfall

Standing more than 6,300 feet above downtown Reno’s 4,500 feet, Mount Rose looks daunting. But its summit trail begins high up the mountain pass road (SR 431), at 8,911 feet.


The Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat The 292 temples remaining in the Angkor complex represent but a fifth of those once build here by the Khmer civilization. Angkor Wat was built by Surayavarman II during the early 12th [...]


Slot Canyon

In places so narrow that you’ll need to turn sideways, the Slot Canyon is not stout-friendly.


Anza Borrego Desert State Park

California's largest state park, at 600,000 acres, encompasses stunning scenic and cultural treasures. Here are a selection of them, with more to be added as we visit new locations in the park


Judy on the Playa

This is Judy Strauss (at Burning Man 2011), who loved the Black Rock Playa so much that she set up her gongs each year to provide a meditation experience for all comers.