Incandescent Rocks

The Incandescent Rocks Area of Critical Environmental Concern features a myriad of banded multi-colored rock formations.


McKissick Canyon

A 3-mile hike with 2,000 feet of elevation gain, the trail up Mckissick Canyon leads to a stunning view over the Winnemucca Valley, with rock-scrambling access to the peaks of the Dogskin Range.


Where the Pavement Ends

When leapfrog development threatened a tract of private land north of Reno, environmental organizations worked to demonstrate the site's scenic value to the community.


Postpile Ridge

While not as distinctly formed as Devils Postpile National Monument, this thousand-foot long ridge, located high above Storey County’s Long Valley Creek, is still an impressive sight.


Freight Train in the High Desert

Of the many vistas that Nevada has to offer, I never tire of the way the desert can present an entire freight train, in one ultra-wide glance, from the first engine to the final freight car.


The Lava Beds; Elephant Head Rock

In May of 2013 we drove 2.5 hours from Reno toward the Black Rock Desert and then began a 7-mile hike up about 1,000 feet to the top of this spectacularly scenic granite plateau.


Fairview Peak Earthquake Fault

At 3:08 a.m. on Dec. 16, 1954 an earthquake measuring 7.3 in magnitude was centered near Fairview Peak. In seconds, the mountains lifted up an average of 6 ft relative to the valleys below.


The Middlegate Shoe Tree

Just east of the quirky roadhouse known as Middlegate Station, a 70' tall shoe-bedecked cottonwood tree on the side of Highway 50 was the king of sole.


Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Known on late-night HBO's "reality" television series as the Cathouse, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch is located in the small community of Mound House.


Sagebrush and Rust

Seen in the sagebrush: an old car, rusted past the point of recovery as an antique, adds a human accent to the landscape.



As prospectors dispersed from Austin in 1867 they discovered rich placer sands in a place that one of the miners named Tuscarora to honor the Union gunboat on which he had served.


Abandoned Mill, Toulon

The abandoned mill buildings in Toulon date from 1892. The main building housed a ball mill used to process tungsten as well as precious metals.



No ichthyosaur has been swimming in Nevada for 200 million years. But 36 fossil specimens of the giant prehistoric reptiles were discovered here. The ichthyosaur is the Nevada state fossil.


Thunder Mountain

Just off the highway in Imlay is the decaying hulk of a concrete monument filled with decades of dust and tumbleweeds. It is one man’s personal response to the excesses of the 1960s.


Carlin Canyon

From 1841 to 1870 the California Emigrant Trail led through this canyon. Thousands of westward-bound dreamers viewed this path through the mountains.


Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs’ pools are conveniently separated to provide privacy. The best may be the stone-lined pool on a rise with a commanding view of the mountains all around.


Sand Mountain

Located 20 miles east of Fallon, just off U.S. Route 50, the dune is two miles long and rises to 600 feet.


Middlegate Station

In 1859 the overland stage built the first Middlegate Station to provide a rest stop for the passenger and freight lines crossing the area.


Willow Creek

Fifteen miles south of Ely, the Willow Creek Trading Post and General Store has acres full of rusting machinery and antique cars. They also have a herd of buffalo.