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Abandoned Mill, Toulon - All Around Nevada

The abandoned mill buildings in Toulon date from 1892. The main building housed a ball mill used to process tungsten as well as precious metals. The mill was in use until the 1930s. Inside the towering tumblers and their attached furnaces are precariously supported by warped floorboards seemingly held together with decades of pigeon droppings.


Click and drag to explore the abandoned mill.

Click here to see the location in Google Maps.


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  • Roger Vicory

    I lived there with my Father, Mother and 2 younger sisters circa 1949 – 1950 while my father managed the mill.

  • Jim Elliott

    Fri. Oct 28. Stopped for several pics. I know the problems with trespassing from other occasions. So I want to thank you Howard(?) on getting me closer and inside. I would have really enjoying doing it myself! Good job. I was on my way to Paradise Valley and then the gorge in the distance. Day trip from Golden Valley.

  • Philip Rossetti

    I had stopped to photograph this building about five years ago and always regretted not given it its proper photographic honor so I stopped again a few days ago going east on Route 80 for that sole purpose. I was sauntering about the outside of the building and an old (old? probably younger than me) guy in an old pickup drives up and says it is private property and the owner would be upset having me taking pictures. But then he said it was okay by him as long as I didn’t go inside. “It’s a death trap in there” were his words. I didn’t tell him I had already explored two separate areas inside stepping along and over tons of bat and bird shit and torn open sixty pound bags of strange powders and bulging 55 gallon rusting metal drums of god knows what leaching out. He said his father worked in the plant during WW-1 processing cyanide and arsenic for France. I do feel kind of strange now and there is this funny green scale growing on my arms and legs.

  • Duncan

    I drove behind it to take some pictures and got ran off the property by an old lady saying there was no trespassing.

  • Michael

    Thank you for posting this information. I’ve driven past this mill many times on my journeys between California and Utah. I’ve always wondered what this place was, and now I know!

  • Richard Garcia

    I just spent time taking photos and looking around the old Mill, My Father Mike Garcia also worked in the Mill under Joy Morris in the late sixties and seventies up until it closed. I had a great time playing on the ramps, running up and down the stairs(probably during the weekends when nobody was there, since i don’t ever recall other people around there. It was great to see it again. I hope it stays standing for several more decades…

    • Chuck Williams

      I stopped at the mill June 2, 2012 and nothing has changed (that I can see) from the August 11, 2011 pix. I’v been traveling by this site since 1952 and this is the first time for me to stop and look around. Saw a few trailer homes and 3-4 people moving around. What a neat site to really get down and explore for a few days. Have to look into that later this fall………………

  • Jerry Ann Jinnett

    My father, Jerry Maroon, was the Superintendent of the mill at Toulon in the 1950’s; at that time, the mill processed tungsten and perlite from surrounding mines. Our family lived on site. This is a great view of the inside of the mill…where, as a child, I spent lots of time with my father.

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