Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

The creation of Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge was a kind of miracle, as the entire area was destined to be a subdivision in 1980. The savior of Ash Meadows was the Devils Hole pupfish.


Salton Sea Mud Volcanoes

These two square miles of gurgling and burping mud volcanoes are not actually volcanic in origin. They are created by carbon dioxide bubbling up through a muddy slurry.


Super Bloom in Anza Borrego

In March of 2017 the winter rains delivered a once-in-a-lifetime display of flowering extravagance that became known as the "Super Bloom" in the deserts of Southern California.


Sacatone Overlook

This gigapixel panorama shows the "Seven Sisters" trestles of the former San Diego and Arizona Railway as the line snakes its way through Carrizo Gorge.


American Flat Mill

The ruins of the United Comstock Merger Mill at American Flat were demolished in late 2014. This 137-node virtual-reality tour was photographed from August to December of 2014.


Commercial Casino

Much folklore and ghost-lore enliven this grand dame of Elko, built in 1869. The Commercial is also the home of what may be the world’s largest dead polar bear, White King.


Lagomarsino Canyon Petroglyphs

Lagomarsino Canyon, a Nevada rock art site on the National Register of Historic Places, is a quarter mile long. It consists of 2229 rock art panels, some created up to 10,000 years ago.


Gold Hill Depot

The Gold Hill Depot of the V&T Railroad was completed in September 1869. The station served passengers and freight, and was also a telegraph station.


Headframe of the Combination Shaft

This headframe served the Combination Shaft of the Chollar-Potosi/Savage/Hale & Norcross Mines beginning in 1875. With a depth of 3,250 feet, this was the deepest shaft of the Comstock.


Remnants of the Old Lincoln Highway

Dedicated October 31, 1913, the Lincoln Highway spanned America from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. This short section of pavement is intact, but abandoned.


Mather Overlook

Great Basin National Park’s Mather Overlook presents a roadside view of Wheeler Peak from a distance.


Sunrise on Wheeler Peak

At 13,063 feet in elevation, Wheeler Peak is the second highest mountain in the state. Located within Great Basin National Park, Wheeler is a part of the Snake Range, near the Utah border.


Stewart Indian School

From 1890 until it closed in 1980, the Stewart Indian School in Carson City was the only off-reservation boarding school in Nevada for Native American children.


Sunrise on Snow

On the cusp of the Winter Solstice, the first light of a very short day colors the Reno morning sky, and also the snow.



As prospectors dispersed from Austin in 1867 they discovered rich placer sands in a place that one of the miners named Tuscarora to honor the Union gunboat on which he had served.


Petroglyphs and Roasting Pit

In this canyon near Las Vegas, the rich resources, especially agave, were an abundant source of food and drew people to this canyon over thousands of years.


Abandoned Mill, Toulon

The abandoned mill buildings in Toulon date from 1892. The main building housed a ball mill used to process tungsten as well as precious metals.



No ichthyosaur has been swimming in Nevada for 200 million years. But 36 fossil specimens of the giant prehistoric reptiles were discovered here. The ichthyosaur is the Nevada state fossil.


The Inyo

The Inyo was built in 1875 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. It is one of the oldest original locomotives in North America still in operable condition.


Peavine Fire, 2003

On July 14 2003, a brush fire on Peavine Peak northwest of downtown Reno charred 2,000 acres and threatened more than 150 nearby homes.


Playa Dusk

Near the town of Gerlach the tip of the Smoke Creek Desert empties into the blue haze twilight of the Black Rock Desert playa.