La Cueva del Indio (The Indian Cave)

Reached by descending a steep and rickety wooden ladder into the opening of a coastal limestone formation, the Indian Cave is renown for its collection of well-preserved petroglyphs from the [...]


Tugboat Beach, Curaçao

The diverse and thriving reef offers adventures for both the casual snorkeler and the scuba diver. But the main feature here is the sunken tugboat, located about 300ft from the beach.


Life by the Beach

Soon after I turned five we bought a house about a half mile from the beach. The fact that now, in my 70s, I take this experience for granted may be a confession of a lifelong hubris.


The Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat The 292 temples remaining in the Angkor complex represent but a fifth of those once build here by the Khmer civilization. Angkor Wat was built by Surayavarman II during the early 12th [...]


Anza Borrego Desert State Park

California's largest state park, at 600,000 acres, encompasses stunning scenic and cultural treasures. Here are a selection of them, with more to be added as we visit new locations in the park


Salton Sea Mud Volcanoes

These two square miles of gurgling and burping mud volcanoes are not actually volcanic in origin. They are created by carbon dioxide bubbling up through a muddy slurry.


Pacific Southwest Railway Museum

Campo, California is not on the road to anywhere; you are not likely to just happen upon this museum. But if you care about the history of American railroads, it's a must-see destination.


Sacatone Overlook

This gigapixel panorama shows the "Seven Sisters" trestles of the former San Diego and Arizona Railway as the line snakes its way through Carrizo Gorge.


The Impossible Railroad

The rugged peaks and forbidding desert temperatures of the Laguna Mountains were to be conquered by John D. Spreckels when he built what was to be called “The Impossible Railroad.”


Remnants of the Old Lincoln Highway

Dedicated October 31, 1913, the Lincoln Highway spanned America from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. This short section of pavement is intact, but abandoned.


Tropical Paradise

This five-node tour of The Baths on Virgin Gorda will even take you on a dive to the coral reef, where you'll find a virtual damselfish.


Donner Summit RR Tunnels

After nearly five years of construction, in often abominable conditions, the Central Pacific Railroad broke through the summit of the Sierra Nevada at Donner Pass in the spring of 1868.


Atop Mt. Tallac

Mt. Tallac, at 9,735', is one of the tallest peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe. From its peak the climber can enjoy the rare, uninterrupted panoramic view of 360 degrees.


Amargosa Opera House

In July of 1968, Marta Becket, a transplanted dancer from New York, discovered an unused building in Death Valley Junction and began its transformation into the Amargosa Opera House.