Pacific Southwest Railway Museum

Pacific Southwest Railway Museum

Campo, California is not directly off the highway, so you are not likely to just happen upon the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. However, if you care about the history of American railroads, it’s a must-see destination.

Located on the right-of-way of the San Diego and Arizona Railway, also known as “The Impossible Railroad,” the museum offers excursions along the line nearly to the border with Mexico. With parts of its collection both inside the museum and outside in the extensive yard (and off-site), the PSRM features six steam locomotives, 17 diesels, 10 cabooses, plus around 60 other examples of historic rolling stock.

The most significant of these may be the “Carriso Gorge,” the elegant business car which belonged to John D. Spreckels, of the San Diego and Arizona Railway. Click the red target hotspot to enter this car, and click on the info panel inside to read about its history.


Click and drag to explore the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum in virtual reality.
Touch here for the phone version, without the embedded video files.

Click here for the PSRM location (also the nearby Motor Transport Museum, and the Mountain Empire Historical Museum).


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