Pacific Southwest Railway Museum

Campo, California is not on the road to anywhere; you are not likely to just happen upon this museum. But if you care about the history of American railroads, it's a must-see destination.


Freight Train in the High Desert

Of the many vistas that Nevada has to offer, I never tire of the way the desert can present an entire freight train, in one ultra-wide glance, from the first engine to the final freight car.


RR Tracks Through Reno

From the time the Central Pacific pushed the Transcontinental Railroad through Reno in 1868 the tracks bisected the city north and south.



Beyond its burial grounds, there is little left of this mining and railroading settlement along the Humboldt River.


Wells: 2008 Earthquake Damage

On the morning of February 21, 2008, a 6.0 earthquake devastated the town's historic Front Street district. Some twenty buildings were damaged, perhaps beyond repair.


Donner Summit RR Tunnels

After nearly five years of construction, in often abominable conditions, the Central Pacific Railroad broke through the summit of the Sierra Nevada at Donner Pass in the spring of 1868.