Fairview Peak Earthquake Fault

Fairview Peak Earthquake Fault

At 3:08 a.m. on December 16, 1954 an earthquake measuring 7.3 in magnitude was centered near Fairview Peak, a few miles south of Highway 50 east of Fallon. This major quake was widely felt in several western states. Slightly further east and just north of Highway 50, in Dixie Valley, a second earthquake of comparable size jolted the area on the same day.
Residents of the remote Dixie Valley claimed that the valley echoed with loud booms starting moments before the quake was first felt and lasting until long after it stopped. More than 10 miles of faulting were exposed at Fairview Peak and in the Stillwater Range to the northwest. In seconds, the mountains lifted up an average of six feet relative to the valleys below.
These dramatic earthquake scarps, or exposed fault lines, may be noted in this VR tour in several places. Click the red hotspots to explore the earthquake fault area from five different positions. The blue information hotspots contain text written by David VonSeggern, Emeritus Seismic Network Manager of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Click and drag to explore the Fairview Peak Earthquake Fault.
Touch here for the HMD version.

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  • Amanda Green
    Posted at 14:37h, 13 May Reply

    Nothing told us how far this was from Fallon. It’s about 30 miles east of Fallon, and then 6 miles on a dirt road.

  • Brad Smith
    Posted at 09:49h, 08 September Reply

    Wonderful presentation! I wish I had seen it before visiting the site. I will certainly look at it again before my next visit.

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