Nevada Discovery Museum

Nevada Discovery Museum

In the spring of 2019, 15 RSJ students created a virtual-reality tour of the Discovery Museum in Reno. The VR tour explores 19 different interior locations, as well as the exterior of the building, the starting point of the VR environment. Click on the red hotspot to enter the building.

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, which opened in 2011, is a place where young children and their families can enjoy informal science, technology, engineering, art and math learning.


Click the red hotspots to explore the Discovery Museum in virtual reality.
Touch here for the Google Cardboard version.

The photographers and VR creators were Kameron Aitken, Jordan Brown, Kaitlin Godde, Tailor Hallert, Emily Hodge, Courtney Lewis, Kailee Martin, Parker Nelms, Morgan Oleson, Claire Olmstead, Austin Paschke, Shamiel Stevenson, Zully Terrazas, Zach Volkert, and Connor Young.

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