Split Mountain and the Wind Caves

Split Mountain and the Wind Caves

Split Mountain, in the southeastern corner of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, is described perfectly by its name; it has been bisected due to earthquake activity, combined with the power of the annual monsoon-season flooding through Fish Creek Wash. But this is a canyon you can drive completely through, from one end to the other.

Fish Creek Wash, usually dry, flows north from the Carrizo Badlands through the edge of the Fish Creek Mountains via this deep, and in places quite narrow, canyon. It is usually dry, dusty and very hot, but the occasional flash floods have weathered the rock layers into a wonderland of colors and forms. The wash continues to the edge of the badlands, into an area of eroded sandstone cavities known as the Wind Caves, where our VR environment ends. Our drive down the wash, however, continued further into the badlands to the Elephant Knees, a sculpted escarpment rising several hundred feet, with its ancient sediment containing fossilized seashells.


Click and drag to explore Split Mountain and the Wind Caves in virtual reality.
Touch here for the HMD version.


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