Clear Creek Trail

The Clear Creek Trail is about 10.5 miles one way, with gentle gradients for hiking or mountain biking. It takes nearly 15 mi to gain the 1,150 ft in altitude of its high point at 6,200 ft.


Headframe of the Combination Shaft

This headframe served the Combination Shaft of the Chollar-Potosi/Savage/Hale & Norcross Mines beginning in 1875. With a depth of 3,250 feet, this was the deepest shaft of the Comstock.


1873 Wooden Box Flume

Water was first brought to the Comstock by springs and wells. Usually, however, by autumn the water supply became insufficient. The solution brought water from high up in the Sierras.


The Virginia City Coach

Once the rolling home of eccentric writers Lucius Beebe and his partner Charles Clegg, the Virginia City railcar began its life in 1928 as the Pullman car Crystal Peak.


Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Known on late-night HBO's "reality" television series as the Cathouse, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch is located in the small community of Mound House.


Stewart Indian School

From 1890 until it closed in 1980, the Stewart Indian School in Carson City was the only off-reservation boarding school in Nevada for Native American children.


The Inyo

The Inyo was built in 1875 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. It is one of the oldest original locomotives in North America still in operable condition.


Storey Co. Courthouse

The courthouse opened in 1877. Electrification during the Great Depression left Art Deco style fixtures hanging from the high ceiling.