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Once the rolling home of eccentric writers Lucius Beebe and his partner Charles Clegg, the Virginia City railcar began its life in 1928 as the Pullman car Crystal Peak. After its purchase by Clegg in 1954 the car was redone in “Venetian Renaissance Baroque” style by a Hollywood set designer. Antique furnishings valued at $375,000 were imported from Europe for the interior. More information may be found at the official website. While making these photographs we were treated to a ride on the car’s observation platform while it was turned around in the Union Pacific’s rail yard in Sparks. The video can be seen below.


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  • Robert Bollinger

    One of the BEST Experiences Ever,
    What a Blessing to Be Able to Share in a Magnificent Moment in History, and to Be Welcomed With Genuine Hospitality. Highly Recommend to Charter. Thank You So Very Much, RB

  • Bradley Ogden

    I was VERY impressed with the car, inside and out. Very beautiful.

    ~ Mr OGDEN

  • Ben Heine

    Now I can see all the work the guys went through producing this. Very impressive.

  • Michelle

    The virtual tour is amazing! I traveled with Wade when I was a little girl, shortly after he purchased the VC. It looks just as I remember it. Beautiful car! Now I need to let my children experience it. Hopefully, that will happen one day.

    – Michelle

  • Ken Rattenne

    Excellently done. I was the other photographer/videographer on the January 2011 trip and met you and your lady friend. When the initial tour was posted it required a plugin that did not play nice with my browser. I see that you have solved the technical clitches. When I first proposed the idea of a virtual tour to the Virginia City folks and to Jim Loehse, THSI is what I had in mind!!

    — Ken

    • admin

      Very glad you liked it! Thanks you.

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