The Truckee River Bike Path, a scenic recreational destination for both bikes and pedestrians, has segments beginning at Mayberry Park. It runs continuously from west of Chrissie Caughlin Park eastward along the Truckee River through downtown Reno and all the way to the eastern end of the city of Sparks, past Vista Blvd. This trail is approximately 12 miles in length, and passes many parks and recreational areas. It goes along the river through downtown Reno, through industrial areas, wetlands and marshes. There are numerous places to enter or exit the trail along the route. Click on any of the 27 red targets to enter a virtual-reality view of the scene at that location. Click the “M” button to hide the map.

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Click and drag to explore the Truckee River Bike Path.
Touch here for the HMD version.

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  • Richard Miller

    I, like so many others, ride the Truckee River Path frequently and lately I have noticed a lot of broken glass on the path just a little east of Wells Avenue. I was just wondering who’s responsible for cleaning it up. I got a flat from it and I know of others who have also. If I would have access to a broom I would have swept it up myself. It would be a big help if someone would look into the matter because a lot of bicyclists are having a problem with it right now. I didn’t know who to get in touch with on this matter so I hope that this comment reaches the right people. Thank you.


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  • […] And here’s a bit of local knowledge for those feeling adventurous and want to go off the beaten path: If you take the Reno Riverwalk path from downtown Reno toward Idlewild Park, and keep on the Idlewild Park path and head west, you’ll eventually get to Mayberry Park! (Portions of it are in neighborhoods and along a main road, and also connect to the Truckee Bike Path.) […]

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