Built in 1872, the Reno Mercantile Building, or Reno Masonic Temple, is Reno’s oldest extant commercial building, having survived both the 1873 and the 1879 fires that destroyed most of the downtown business district. The large upstairs space housed the Masons, while James C. Hagerman, a dealer in groceries and hardware, leased the first floor. In 1895 Reno Mercantile took over the ground floor and operated there until 1970. Photographed with UNR student Scott Gayer.


Click and drag to explore the Mercantile Building.

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  • Ed Stoner

    Dear Dr. Goldbaum,

    The interior view appears to be of the 2nd floor which was the Masonic Temple. The ground floor and the basement housed the Mercantile. I was fortunate to be able to document the basement during the ReTRAC project. If you will recall, you did a panotour of our excavation of the prehistoric Daylight site at the west end of the trench in 2004.

  • Robert Stoldal

    just a simple THANK YOU!!! A view I would never have seen. again thanks!

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