Freight Train in the High Desert

Of the many vistas that Nevada has to offer, I never tire of the way the desert can present an entire freight train, in one ultra-wide glance, from the first engine to the final freight car.


The Frog Pond

Located on private property just above the east side of the Black Rock Playa, the Frog Pond can most easily be accessed from Empire on a 15 miles washboard rumble on the Jungo Road.


Micca House Hotel

The hotel was a favorite gathering place for the Italian American community. Deserted today, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Mill Ranch

Battiste Racanzone came to Nevada in 1865 from the Piedmont district of Italy. He later built Mill Ranch and the Silver State Flour Mill in Paradise Valley.


Humboldt Co. Courthouse

Humboldt County moved its county seat from Unionville to Winnemucca in 1873. In 1874 the first courthouse was constructed. It was destroyed by fire in 1918, and the present structure was built.