Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park

Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park

Water, geologic forces, and climatic changes combined to form Lehman Caves over the millennia. Really a single cave, Lehman Caves is located within Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada not far from the Utah border. A beautiful limestone cave with intriguing formations, Lehman Caves is known for its rare shield formations. Stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, flowstone, popcorn, and other formations are found in profusion throughout the cave. The scene opens with a view of the cave’s “natural entrance,” the original path down into the cavern. Click on the informational plaques to see them in detail. Click on the red hotspot to enter the cave’s “Grand Palace” room (two views). A VR view of the modern entrance to the cave may be seen here.

Click the red target to enter the cave. Click and drag to explore the interior.
Touch here for the HMD (Google Cardboard) version.

Click here to see the location in Google Maps.

For a cheesy B-movie Hollywood look at a “flooded” corridor of Lehman Caves, jump to the 18-minute mark in “The Wizard of Mars” (1965).

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