St. Mary’s in the Mountains

St. Mary’s in the Mountains

St. Mary’s in the Mountains Catholic Church in Virginia City was rebuilt after the great fire of 1875, retaining in its belfry a 2,264-pound bell with a 100-pound clapper that survived the fire. The interior features redwood columns and gothic rafters, original alters, pews, and confession box. Maria Theresa Fair, wife of a Big Bonanza king, donated the zinc baptismal font. Most of the stained glass windows date to the mid-twentieth century. A major restoration project in 2009 returned the choir loft, staircases, wooden arches, and pews made to their original state. A gift shop, museum, and wine cellar were added.


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The interior prior to its 2009 restoration may be seen in this panorama photographed in 2005.

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